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Jelly beans

Welcome to the Bean Cellars.
Why not send someone a message on a bottle and say it with a bean!
All of our jelly beans have something to say and sending a message with jelly beans in a bottle could not be simpler.

Simply choose your jelly bean message from any of the themes in our online store. Alternatively, why not create your own personalised message? You can do this at the time of order, we have provided an area where you can enter your text exactly how you want to say it.

We have beans for all sorts of things like.....

“when you say it with a jelly bean remember it’s like a gift
and card combined into one!”

A special word about our 750ml bottles. If you have seen one of the photographs you will notice that the 750ml bottle looks different to other wine bottles. The top of the bottle is covered with a gold wine closure but what you may not have guessed is the top of the bottle is sealed, for affect only.
You get to the jelly beans by unscrewing the base of the bottle.
This makes for a very versatile bottle so that when the bottle is empty it can be reused for all sorts of things.
Have you ever tried to put a ship in a bottle? Well this bottle makes it easy!
What about using it to keep your jewellery close at hand, or you could simply fill it with more jelly beans.
Not only does it deliver your message in the sweetest of ways, but kept on the mantelpiece it will be a constant reminder of some special event.

Our Mission
Is to provide you with the finest of jelly beans in a bottle with your own message. We hope to add to our jelly bean cellars. Our list will continue to grow as we source more jelly beans from some of the finest bean makers around the globe.

Our research suggests that most jelly beans are consumed within a few months of being purchased, when they are at their best. This supports our philosophy better to open a bottle too early than open a bottle too late-enjoy!
Please leave us a review, It would be so nice to see your feedback on what you think of our service and our products. This would be so reassuring to those people who have never bought from us before and who have not had the opportunity to touch and hold the products for themselves.
14 Wooler Street
North Yorkshire
YO12 7DD
Telephone: 01723 353033
Jelly Beans
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